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The Reinese entrepreneurial brainchild of John Petrone and his wife Rita Powder: make the best seasonal vegetables preserved in oil can then be consumed throughout the year.
Founded in 1992 to Reino, The Reinese has started to develop thanks to the commitment, professionalism and desire to make its founders met broad agreement from consumers.
Over the years the company has grown a significant attention not only in the Italian territory but also internationally.
The success of the 'company is based today on the thoroughness and attention used in the selection of vegetables and transformation processes that have contributed to reward products in the market for canned food.
The Reinese today is still a family business that has a staff of 50 employees and is present in the major national player of the GDO and Internazione segmented both in retail and catering.
Famous for the "stuffed", the company has over time expanded its product portfolio to include more references (pâtés, sauces) that - in distributed both nationally and internationally with its own private label brand with - help meet what is a most important purposes of the company: to provide a high quality, according to traditional recipes of Sannio and Italian cuisine.