La Reinese has built its reputation as a quality brand in food preserves with many product lines: starting with the renowned stuffed products and continuing with pâtés, spreadable sauces, ready-made sauces, and conventional and organic pestos. Operating both through its own distribution and through private labels on commission, a significant presence is guaranteed in the major brands of large-scale distribution both in the hospitality industry and in retail.

Paté and sauces

A wide selection of impeccably prepared, delicious sauces and pâtés: they are perfect for seasoning bruschettas or irresistible croutons, but also as ingredients for delicious first courses thanks to their pleasant and perfectly balanced acidity.

Ready-made sauces and pesto

Sughi pronti e pesto La Reinese

A series of great classics composed of the sauces and pestos most popular with consumers in Italy and around the world. Recipes that represent the highest expression of Mediterranean cuisine and use only tomatoes and high-quality raw materials.

Stuffed products

ortaggi farciti La Reinese

A range of stuffed delicacies for true connoisseurs, which has always been the flagship of production: high-quality raw materials, stuffing carried out strictly by hand, attention to the smallest details, perfectly balanced combinations of ingredients.


conserve sott'olio

A selection of typical products that narrates the origins of a region and its people through taste. Specialities that have the authentic flavour of tradition, timeless pleasures that are the perfect choice for every occasion.